︎The team at frank.uno possess the eye and skills necessary to transfer creative concepts and ideas into attention grabbing imagery

Nicholas Reynolds

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Multi award winning Reynolds is known on the international stage for his ability to bring out the real charm and character of a performance. This when combined with an exceptionally strong grasp of the post production process, working with effects, 3D and animals live and CGI makes for a formidable skill set.

Gideon Southwell

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Southwell has directed commercials, promos, and social media content for UK and International agencies. He has vast working knowledge and hands on abilities in design, post production and animation of all kinds. This when coupled with a discerning world view and wry left of field sense of humour makes for a much sought-after commodity in the digital world.

Mark Luscombe-Whyte

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The vivid, eye catching visuals of Luscombe-Whyte take us on journeys through exotic places and spaces. When coupled with unpretentious and honest portraiture, - the cherry on the cake of this breathless portfolio is his beautifully studied and timeless collodion work.